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Benefit of Shield of Faith Mission

In the year 2011, the shield of faith mission was set up. The main aim was to come up with automatic impact towards change as well as transforming the world. It is composed of missionaries, health care professionals, group leaders, veterans, contractors, volunteers and many more. All these people have a soft spot for what they can do best and make a positive change. They wanted to offer all kinds of assistance to those who were affected directly by combat and make them feel no more grief.

The main benefit of shield of faith missions is to empower warriors to find their purpose and live a life of wellness. It was set up to give necessary help to the people who got involved in wars and were greatly injured both physically and emotionally. It is also purposed to give them tools that are essential to overcome the negative effects of war.

You can get encouragement about life both as veteran or an individual through the SOF missions. Almost 20 people affected by war attempt to take away their lives each passing day. The mission aims at minimizing suicide cases to a point low as zero. Donations meant to assist in curbing suicidal cases are usually collected by the mission. Physical, mental and spiritual injuries imposed to the veterans during wars are usually reduced and calmed by this mission. Those good hearted people who offer themselves to give donations to the mission so that it can be used to help affected people are often awarded. Whenever you make your contributions monthly then you qualify to be given a present by the mission just as a way of giving thanks. Example of gifts given are: bible, coffee mugs, t-shirts, and shield of mission pins.

Shield of faith missions are essential in making the youths successful and happy. It also teaches the youths in this situation to be more religious so as to avoid any problems that could arise. It helps them manage their lives and live in accordance with the charismatic principles. They are therefore in a better position to say no to the wrong characters and those things that could otherwise ruin their lives. The end result is that the veterans who may have been struggling with life end up in happiness and good health. Most veterans from shield of faith are living testimonies to the world.

This mission has an academy that offers education to the people affected directly and even ordinary people who may need to get relevant knowledge on how to deal with difficult situations as well as living positively.

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